[Openvpn-devel] systemd: remove generated service files on clean

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Frank Lichtenheld July 25, 2022, 10:33 p.m. UTC
Found this when trying to build the Debian package
twice in a row. Which failed since then there were
additional files.

Signed-off-by: Frank Lichtenheld <frank@lichtenheld.com>
 distro/systemd/Makefile.am | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)


Gert Doering July 27, 2022, 8:22 a.m. UTC | #1
Acked-by: Gert Doering <gert@greenie.muc.de>

Can't pass the chance to apply something that says "remove systemd" while
David is not looking...

Joke aside, this seems to be a straightforward "make sure generated stuff
is cleaned on 'make clean'" thing :-) - I have not tested it in earnest,
though, as none of my primary Linuxes have systemd.

Your patch has been applied to the master branch.

commit 3fb5665ec5b70b665c0a8094de20042be0e392de
Author: Frank Lichtenheld
Date:   Tue Jul 26 10:33:13 2022 +0200

     systemd: remove generated service files on clean

     Signed-off-by: Frank Lichtenheld <frank@lichtenheld.com>
     Acked-by: Gert Doering <gert@greenie.muc.de>
     Message-Id: <20220726083313.14067-1-frank@lichtenheld.com>
     URL: https://www.mail-archive.com/openvpn-devel@lists.sourceforge.net/msg24740.html
     Signed-off-by: Gert Doering <gert@greenie.muc.de>

kind regards,

Gert Doering


diff --git a/distro/systemd/Makefile.am b/distro/systemd/Makefile.am
index 322bd535..d35c137d 100644
--- a/distro/systemd/Makefile.am
+++ b/distro/systemd/Makefile.am
@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@  if ENABLE_SYSTEMD
 systemdunit_DATA = \
 	openvpn-client@.service \
+CLEANFILES = $(systemdunit_DATA)
 tmpfiles_DATA = \
 dist_doc_DATA = \