[Openvpn-devel,v1] Remove license warning from README.mbedtls

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Gert Doering March 14, 2024, 6:55 p.m. UTC
From: Max Fillinger <maximilian.fillinger@foxcrypto.com>

The licenses are compatible now, so we can remove the warning.

Change-Id: I1879c893ed19b165fd086728fb97951eac251681
Signed-off-by: Max Fillinger <maximilian.fillinger@foxcrypto.com>
Acked-by: Gert Doering <gert@greenie.muc.de>

This change was reviewed on Gerrit and approved by at least one
developer. I request to merge it to master.

Gerrit URL: https://gerrit.openvpn.net/c/openvpn/+/561
This mail reflects revision 1 of this Change.

Acked-by according to Gerrit (reflected above):
Gert Doering <gert@greenie.muc.de>


Gert Doering March 15, 2024, 8:17 a.m. UTC | #1
Well spotted :-)

Your patch has been applied to the master and release/2.6 branch.

commit 91eb4606a4a3e8e2a4ed2ac4e2257e7ea44ccc44 (master)
commit 366ca5b9b5ec104e0c7ae2f3cf563b9057ee879a (release/2.6)
Author: Max Fillinger
Date:   Thu Mar 14 19:55:27 2024 +0100

     Remove license warning from README.mbedtls

     Signed-off-by: Max Fillinger <maximilian.fillinger@foxcrypto.com>
     Acked-by: Gert Doering <gert@greenie.muc.de>
     Message-Id: <20240314185527.26803-1-gert@greenie.muc.de>
     URL: https://www.mail-archive.com/openvpn-devel@lists.sourceforge.net/msg28400.html
     Signed-off-by: Gert Doering <gert@greenie.muc.de>

kind regards,

Gert Doering


diff --git a/README.mbedtls b/README.mbedtls
index 124eaa2..c4f3924 100644
--- a/README.mbedtls
+++ b/README.mbedtls
@@ -11,22 +11,6 @@ 
-As of mbed TLS 2.17, it can be licensed *only* under the Apache v2.0 license.
-That license is incompatible with OpenVPN's GPLv2.
-We are currently in the process of resolving this problem, but for now, if you
-wish to distribute OpenVPN linked with mbed TLS, there are two options:
- * Ensure that your case falls under the system library exception in GPLv2, or
- * Use an earlier version of mbed TLS. Version 2.16.12 is the last release
-   that may be licensed under GPLv2. Unfortunately, this version is
-   unsupported and won't receive any more updates.
 Due to limitations in the mbed TLS library, the following features are missing
 in the mbed TLS version of OpenVPN: